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More Typical Turtledove!

Bombs Away: The Hot War - Harry Turtledove
In his latest book, Turtledove imagines what may have happened if Truman decided to use atomic weapons in the Korean War. Unsurprisingly, this decision led to Russia backing China, and a nightmare of atom bombs crossing the Northern Hemisphere.  Turtledove uses a variety of characters to develop his plot, letting the reader see the war through several different perspectives.
I used to love Turtledove novels.  Especially his World War series, and Guns Of The South.  Lately, though, it seems like he has settled on a specific formula for each of his books, and it has grown somewhat tiring.  For one thing, the books are depressing.  Don't read this if you want to feel good, there is little to offer in that way.  Second, the language is somewhat stilted.  For example, "You did better talking politics with Jim than you did if you talked with your dog, but not a whole lot"; "He had as many ways as beer had bubbles"; and "His stomach wanted to turn over.  He sternly told it it would do no such thing.  To his relief, it decided to listen to him".
And do not expect the book to wrap things up at the end.  As usual, Turtledove stretches the plot out so he can turn it into a multi-volume series.   It gets frustrating having to wait for the next one. And, after all the waiting, there is no guarantee that he will end the final volume by wrapping up loose ends.  He is just as likely to leave you hanging.
But people love the formula, I guess.  That's why he keeps using it.  I wish he would take a little more time, develop characters better, give them better lines, and wrap the story up in a timely manner.  I would enjoy them a lot more.  I think I may be done with Turtledove.  At least until the next volume comes out.
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