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Saltwater Cowboy - One Man's Ignorance!

Saltwater Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of a Marijuana Empire - Tim McBride, Jr. Ralph Berrier
An entertaining book.  Good writing.  I found myself enjoying his stories about drug smuggling in the 80's, as well as his accurate descriptions of life in a federal prison.  I myself worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for over 20 years, during the time period the author was incarcerated.  I only have one complaint about the book, a rather large one, which prevented me from giving it a higher star review.  According to the author, every law enforcement officer, prison guard, probation officer, and Federal judge, were, in his words, a piece of s*@!t.  I don't know if the author has ever come to terms that HE was the one who chose to break the law, and that the people he dealt with were a consequence of his choice.  He claims that he was just a good old boy, who never hurt anyone.  This as he tells story after story about driving while completely stoned, never acknowledging that his actions could have easily killed an innocent bystander. He claims that his actions should be vindicated, as marijuana is now becoming legal.  He completely dismisses the fact that it was not legal at the time.  I guess he thinks that everyone should be able to choose which laws they obey, and that should be okay.  If you can overlook his mindset on the appropriateness of laws, it is a okay book.
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