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Allegiance: A Novel - Kermit Roosevelt

Roosevelt has written a novel of historical fiction tracing the decision by the US Government to intern Japanese Americans in a series of concentration camps across the country, allegedly to prevent them from participating in sabotage.  He created a character, Cash Harrison, who obtains a clerk position with Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.  In order not to spoil the book for any readers, suffice it to say that Cash finds intrigue relating to the detention amongst the Court and Federal agencies.  The book was informative, however, I found the flow a bit slow-paced.  Too many characters coming and going, and much too much insight into the self-perceived superiorness of Philadelphian society members (of which Cash was one), confused and tended to bore me.  The book did lead me to draw parallels with the current issue of Guantanamo detentions, an interesting line of thought.  A decent book, Allegiance may appeal to history buffs.  I did receive this advance copy, in return for a fair review, from NetGalley. 

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