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Disaster Capitalism - Loewenstein,  Antony

I was excited to receive this book as an advance copy from NetGalley. After a long career in law enforcement and corrections, I have my own opinions about the recent move to "for-profit" correctional agencies. The preview of the book indicated that the author would address this phenomenon. I was sadly disappointed. Instead of addressing the issue in a fair, balanced manner, the author instead decided to do a hack job, filled with biased personal opinions. He laid bare his disapproval of capitalism. In the chapter regarding the state of corrections in the United States, he chose to call names and disparage people. For example, his observations of correctional professionals as "many of the participants were overweight", and "filled with mostly white men with substantial bellies". I wonder how it would come across if he had instead stated, "many of the women were ugly", or "filled with mostly scary black men"? I thought calling people names based on physical characteristics was frowned upon? Also his observations that the "state deliberately placed these facilities in remote areas where poor health and conditions were inevitable", as well as "competent legal representation was rare, and many immigrants appeared before the court without any knowledge of their legal rights". And his statement that President Obama was giving business to "corporations that ignored federal laws and abused human rights". Finally, his assertion that the ACA (American Correctional Association) was a bogus organization that really served only itself. Anyone who has been through an ACA audit (and I have been through more than a dozen of them) can only come away with a sense of awe at how thorough and professional they are conducted.
I found the rest of the book to be filled with more of the same wild speculations and opinions.
No, Mr. Loewenstein cannot claim that his book builds on the best-selling 2007 book "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. Far from it. I would not be surprised if Ms. Klein is trying to distance herself from this pile of garbage.
Would not recommend to anyone!

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