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A Gem Of A Book!

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Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta - Richard Grant

What a surprisedly great little book! I received this advance copy from NetGalley, in exchange for a FAIR review. No problem there, this one is a gem!
Richard Grant is a writer living in New York City, who on some crazy whim decides to buy an old plantation-style home in the delta of Mississippi. No logical reason why, other than a visit he had with a chef from there, and the fact that he was tired of the rat race. Little did he know of the problems of living in the delta. Snakes, armadillos, bugs, leaky roofs, are just some of the issues he and his girlfriend face. Before he could give up, he discovers the phenomenon of Southern hospitality. To his surprise, people in the area are friendly and eager to help him out. Quite a change from the impersonal big city experience. But the book is not just a humorous retelling of his adventures. A large portion of the book examines Grant's experiences with the racial issues of the south. Pluto, a small town, is one of the poorest, least educated, and most corrupt locations in the United States. Grant is blessed with the ability to talk with just about anyone, and makes friends with people from all walks of life in the area. His examinations, and insights into the inherent racism and other deep rooted problems of Mississippi are incredibly well-stated. Grant managed to lead me to examine my own beliefs, and I came away with a new found appreciation of the subject. And he does it while still making you laugh throughout the experience.
The writing is first-rate and the flow of the book is great. Grant is a fantastic author, who I am looking forward to following in the future.
I highly recommend this book!

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