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Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business - Paul Downs

Boss Life is the story of one man's small business experiences. Down's is the owner of a woodworking shop, and this is his chronicle of a year in the life of that business. Except it is so much more. Down's bares his soul and discusses all aspects of running the shop, and of his own personal life. I admit to being very surprised by this book. I know very little about running a business, having been employed by the government almost my entire life. I always thought it would be easy to start, and run my own business. I had NO idea! Down's lays out the nuts and bolts of what happens on a daily basis, from employee relations, advertising, production, shipping, taxes, and on and on. Things that I never even considered. But don't think that this is a technically driven instruction book, because it is not at all. It reads and unfolds like a great story. He has a way of making you feel like you are there with him, wondering what the next day will bring. I really could not put it down. I learned so much from his story, and hope that he keeps writing, as he has a wonderful gift for doing so. Highly recommend this book to all of us salaried, secure in our next paycheck, wage slaves; so that you get an idea of the life of a small businessman!

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