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Quite An Amazing Book!

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The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History - Ken Gormley

Quite an amazing book. Long, thorough, scholarly, very interesting. A look at how each of our American Presidents has viewed the Constitution and how it can be used to expand Presidential power. How the Congress and the Courts have viewed a President's interpretations, and how they pushed back when they felt a President was over-reaching. And, sometimes, how a President watched as the Congress and the Courts have curbed his powers.
It was interesting to read how all the Presidents have tested the Constitution against their interpretations. It's not just a modern thing, it's been all through our history.
I found the latest (since 1960) several President's interpretations the most interesting, as that is the period that I have lived in myself.
I will be closely following this years Presidential election with an eye towards how each of the candidates reveals him/herself as to their opinions on the Presidential powers.

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