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American Character: A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good - Colin Woodard

What is more important? An individual's right's or the common good of the community? This is the subject Woodard has taken on. He discusses the struggle between the two over the length of our countrie's history. I was surprised that the question first came up long ago, way back during the original conventions to draft our Constitution. Woodard does an admirable job of describing the problem throughout our history, finding that sometimes the pendulum swings towards the individual, sometimes towards the overall good of society. It is evident that the struggle will continue in the future, and that it is important that the balance does not tilt to far either way. Along the way, the author presents a good job of presenting facts, seemingly not having an agenda towards either side of the argument. I feel that this is an important book for the current times, as our government seems to be frozen in place, with neither side willing to work towards an acceptable, balanced solution. If we don't fix it soon, woe onto us!
The book was well written, flowed nicely, and was extensively documented with footnotes. A good read!

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