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Look What Cooperation Can Do!

Harry and Arthur: Truman, Vandenberg, and the Partnership That Created the Free World - Lawrence J. Haas
If only. If only today, the United States could have two statesman similar to Harry Truman and Arthur Vandenberg. Two leaders who were willing to put their own petty interests aside and work for the good of the country.
Haas does an admirable job of laying out the history of the country during these two men's times, and showing the obstacles and problems they faced. The good that resulted from their cooperative efforts may never again be seen by our country.
Mitch McConnell/Harry Reid, if only you and your ilk would take the time to read and absorb this book, you might still be someone that would be looked up to in the future.
Can you imagine Truman (a Democrat) and Vandenberg (a Republican) were alive today, in this era of complete recalcitrant parties, 24 hour "gotcha" news programs, special interest laden groups? I wonder if they could move worlds, like they did in their time? I hope so. And I hope that we, as a country, find people with the leadership and backbone to work together, and soon. Or I fear for what we might become.
A very good read, flowing more like a novel than a history book. Kudos to the author!


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