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A Very Nice Glass of Wine: A Guided Journal - Helen McGinn

As an amateur wine drinker, I have always been overwhelmed by the choices available to me. And to unconfident to ask for help (what do I ask, what do I like, how much should I spend)? It's all a bit intimidating. The author has written an excellent guide to help people like me (or someone with a more sophisticated knowledge). Unpretentious, easy to read and understand, and short. McGinn's book will explain everything you need to know to get started. And, she gives you excellent little "cheat sheets" to help you know which wines (not labels, but regions, varieties, and pairings) to look for. You could easily print out the charts and take them with you to the store. Along the way, she divulges little facts about wines that would make great items to bring up at dinners (and who doesn't want to look like an expert?). Whether you do you wine shopping at your local Trader Joe's, online, or wherever, this book will definitely help you. Who knows, I might even get the courage to ask questions of the wine experts at the large wine stores! Highly recommended!