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Target Audience???

— feeling confused
I'm Such a Tourist - Ali Al-Naama

This book has left me confused as to who the intended audience is? The author has certainly produced a very thorough, detailed explanation of the "tourism industry". It's history, the motivations and desires of tourists, and the different categories of tourists. He then dives into the business of tourism, and it's impact on different sectors of society. If you are interested in the marketing mechanisms of tourism, and how it is "branded", then this book will probably interest you. He goes into the history and management of theme parks, and how they are being marketed. And finally, the author looks at his view of the future of tourism.
As I stated in the beginning of the review, I wonder who this book is directed at? For a student in tourism and hospitality school, or for a person working in a travel agency, definitely. For a person who is just interested in traveling, probably not so much.