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Teacher Misery: Helicopter Parents, Special Snowflakes, and Other Bullshit - Jane Morris

Morris recounts her experiences as a teacher over the course of several years.
At first, I found myself amazed that any teacher had to put up with the behaviors of students, parents, and educators, that the author described. Truly horrifying to have to go to work and deal with that!
Eventually though, I found myself becoming weary of the author's stories. I had to ask myself, why did she go into teaching in the first place? And if she found no joy in the teaching, why did she stay so long? It just seemed that she was a bit mean-spirited, and I ended up wondering if it was truly the students or just her perceived perceptions of them?
Either way, I found the book to be exhausting. I hope that the author finds something rewarding to do with the rest of her life.
I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.