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Too Improbable!

A Line Too Far: Australia Is Invaded - B C Colman

China invades northern Australia and tries to annex it and it's mineral-rich land. A good yarn, very engaging, but highly, highly unbelievable.
SPOILER WARNING - I found the book to be a bit too farfetched for the following reasons:
1 - China manages to set up an large invasion force, infiltrate Australia, and no one notices?
2 - the Chinese manage to take over multiple military bases, with no shots being fired, all due to the incompetence and complete unawareness of the Australian military
3 - AND A BIG WHAT???? - China invades and the rest of the world stands by and does absolutely nothing, other than some private companies boycotting Chinese goods. No government reaction anywhere, as if mutual aid treaties are completely worthless. In fact, in this world, no other governments (other than New Zealand) even contact the Australians.
4 - Even though the United States has a large military component stationed in the area, they don't come to the aid of their own soldiers....conveniently explained away as the force was rotated out the day before the invasion (and no one was rotated in???)
5 - The Australian Prime Minister throws aside experienced government officials in favor of negotiations being conducted by a old friend with a bad attitude and a drinking problem
6 - AND PERHAPS THE BIGGEST WHAT????? - Australia detonates, over the course of several days, six nuclear explosions in their country, AND NOBODY IN THE WORLD NOTICES??? No concern expressed by anyone, anywhere?
7 - Even though his country has been invaded, the Prime Minister still makes time to go golfing with friends, and continue his regular daily "paperwork" like it's any other day?