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Excellent Alternative Fiction!

All the Way With JFK? Britain, the US and the Vietnam War - Peter Busch

Finally! An excellent alternative fiction novel that is very plausible, and no "alien space-bats" or "time shifts". Schaefer has penned a serious, thoughtful, believable novel using the event of the Dallas JFK assassination as his vehicle. What if Oswald didn't succeed in his attempt? The author uses that assumption as his beginning. His tale involves the Kennedy's, the US Government, the Cubans, the Mafia, the Russians, the Iranians, the Vietnamese, and on and on. It is told through the viewpoints of multiple people, very effectively. I don't want to give any more away of the story, but it is fantastic. And Schaefer ends the book masterfully. I finished it feeling completely satisfied.
If you enjoy great alternative fiction, or even a great fiction/mystery/thriller, I cannot recommend this book enough!