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Confidential Source Ninety-Six: The Making of America's Preeminent Confidential Informant - C.S. 96, Rob Cea

The author is a former drug dealer who, when caught with a large amount of drugs, "sees the light" and decides to become an informant. In my career, I've seen dozens of men like the author, dealers who, when caught and facing a long sentence, sell out to receive lesser sentences. This guy seems different. I found myself actually believing that he really changed, that he was disgusted with the drug business (and himself) and wanted to make a difference. Plus, he was actually a likable guy. (Or, maybe the older me is just getting soft, and wants to see some good in the world?)
The author describes setting up his former bosses. After that turned out successful, he found that he actually enjoyed this kind of work. Through different law enforcement agencies, he works to take down several other drug dealers. He claims to have worked for the next seventeen years as an informant.
There were some weak parts in the book. Things that set off my internal radar as falsehoods. In the beginning, he claims to have three children, who appear to be around 3-5 years old. Later in the book, it's two, or four. And towards the end of the book, he describes tucking the children into bed. After 17 years, wouldn't the "children" have been in their late teens or early twenties? He also claims to have performed his own extensive surveillance of a neighborhood in which he was going to buy drugs; what law enforcement agency would allow their informant to set up in this way? And, the author claims he would pick and choose what drug organizations he would work against, and the law enforcement agencies would welcome this? It stretches my imagination too far.
However, despite these issues (and they could all be a result of a bad edit, or of my own overactive imagination), the book is highly enjoyable. It is a fast read, and moves along very well. The writing is good. It makes for a good, enjoyable book. I can definitely recommend it.