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Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard Into the Garden of Your Dreams - Bobbie Schwartz

The author has written an excellent text on gardening. Specifically, how to renovate your tired, old garden into the garden of your dreams. She does this by teaching you how to recognize what you have, how to know what needs updating, and how to begin your renovation. She explains to you about how to determine what your site can handle, be it the climate, soil, animals, usage, etc. The author then gives you ideas of what you can do with your site. She really likes to design interesting pathways in your garden. Schwartz doesn't give a lot of information on what plants to use, or how to plant them. For that, you might need a different book. There are many out there. The book concludes with some beautiful examples of what people have done.
The book is beautifully photographed. It's guaranteed to get you thinking about your own site, and how to improve it.