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Will History Repeat Itself So Soon?

Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein - John Nixon

The author was one of the people assigned to debrief Saddam Hussein after his capture. The insights he provides give a unique insight into Hussein's mind. Far from the "madman" that the government and media claimed, Hussein was a complex individual. Flawed, but he had reasons for the way he acted. I found myself angered at the level of incompetence the Bush administration displayed regarding the situation. Only wanting to receive intelligence that confirmed or added to their preconceived opinions. And of the CIA, which let themselves be roped into going along with the Bush administration, rather than putting the country's interest ahead of their own careers.
What really worries me is our current situation with North Korea. Once again we seem to have an administration hell bent on having their own glorious war. Cherry picking intelligence information, disregarding attempts at diplomacy ("wasting his time" is the way Trump put it, regarding Secretary Tillerson's efforts). Not letting other countries weigh in or help. And what do we do when the "little rocketman" is removed? Is there a plan for North Korea's future? It all sounds so familiar, the past repeating itself again. I can see another Iraq, with our soldiers being there for years and years.