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If Only I Could.....

Eating with Peter: A Gastronomic Journey - Susan Buckley

A quite amazing look at the privileged dining experiences of a high-society lady. The author was married to Peter Buckley, a writer, photographer, and world traveler. The Buckley's socialized with the rarified levels of society (think Ernest Hemingway), and made a habit of dining at the world's finest establishments.
As an example, I offer the following quote from the book: "It was a Monday morning in 1973 and we were at the end of The Wedding Special, Part 2. The Wedding Special was Peter's moniker for a honeymoon, a term he feld was too plebian to be used in polite company. Part 1 had been a month in the Caribbean. Part 2 entailed crossing the Atlantic on the France, a few days in London, then three weeks in France, and now another three in Morocco".
Get the idea? I found this to be a world that I could not relate to. But I did find the descriptions of the meals intriguing, and find myself daydreaming "if only I could..." . If one can dispense with the superior attitude and sense of entitlement expressed, you may enjoy this book.