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50 Hikes with Kids: Oregon and Washington - Wendy Gorton

A nice little book of hikes that one can take with young children (or even adults).  The book is very simple to understand, is well laid out, and the writing is good.  There are 32 hikes in Oregon, and 18 in Washington.  The hikes range in distance from one mile to three and a half miles.  They vary in difficulty from easy to challenging.  In addition to breaking down the hikes by region (NW, Central, Coastal, etc), the author goes much further. She lists hikes by features (lakes, waterfalls, history, flora, fauna, and on and on). And then again by season, as some of the hikes are better in the winter, others in the summer.  She has very good descriptions on how to select the particular hike based on the individual hikers profile. The maps are easily navigated, and the accompanying photos are helpful.  All in all, this is one of the better guide books I have found.  Well done!