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The Alaskan Chronicles: The Provider - John Hunt

A modern day Swiss Family Robinson. The author imagines a scenario where solar flares wipe out all the electronics in our world. He does this through telling the story of a normal, everyday family in Alaska. The main character is a (possibly slightly autistic?) 16-17 year old boy in the family. After the flares, the family, along with some friends, relocates to the wilds of Alaska, to avoid the chaos occurring in the cities.
The story progresses through the first seasons spent in the wilderness, the struggles, stumbles, and triumphs. It really takes hold in the final third of the book, when outside influences occur.
I don't want to give away too much of the plot. I enjoyed the story very much. It was not anything earth-shattering, as I said before, it was a modern day Swiss Family Robinson.
But the ending! Wow! Just when you thought you could see how it was going to wrap up, the author throws a huge wrench into the mix. I was very surprised! It enables the author to really keep the story alive, and to greatly crank up the action. I can't wait for the next installment!