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Excellent For Beginners

Know It All Wine: The 50 Essential Topics, Each Explained in Under a Minute - Gerard Basset

As a "wanna-be" oenologist, I love reading books about wine. This one is a treat! Short, concise, easily readable, and in bite-size "sips", it would be of great benefit for anyone wanting a brief introduction into wine. The book is divided into sections, then further broken down into 50 very short articles covering a wide range of topics. The sections are the vineyard, the winery, classic grapes and wines, history, iconic regions, the business of wine, and the enjoyment of wine. This would be a wonderful book to learn the basics. You can find out the difference between different types of wines and the grapes used to make them. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, they are all covered and explained. Learn about the different regions wine comes from....Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa Valley. Learn how to taste wine. Have you ever been at a party where one of your wine "snob" friends are going on and on about a wine? By reading this book, you can offer one of these tidbits to show them that you, too, are conversant on the subject. That alone is worth the price!