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Naive and shallow

— feeling bad smell
The One Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite - Bill Hayes

This book is confusing to me, at the least. It claims to be, in his words, an "education that gives the devil-and his death's head- his due. It gives respect and recognition to the righteous god who placed the tattooed flesh and the crossed bones into the body of modern biker culture". Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Like the author is really going to tell us something? No, what the book consists of is a encyclopedic listing of motorcycle clubs throughout the United States. An occasional blurb by a member of a group, but nothing in depth.
The author has managed to identify many of the "outlaw" biker groups in America. He gives a very brief, thumbnail sketch of each group. Information that could have been found in a simple search of the web. But, hey, at least the groups are listed all in one place. You could use the list to start more substantial research into the clubs.
The author states in the beginning, "this book is dedicated to the positive energy and power of the motorcycle club community". He states that he is not interested in listing the "clean-living" motorcycle groups. He even presents an old, pre-internet, portion of a law enforcement manual about motorcycle gangs. Sure, it is comical in today's world, but, as a retired law enforcement officer myself, it is what we had available to us at the time. Laugh if he will at it, but I assure the author that the information law enforcement has today is much more serious and thorough.
Also in the beginning, the author quotes a member of the Bandidos motorcycle group, defining what a "1%-er" is. "One percenter - it only means that we're the best....but all it means is we're the best of the best". I find that laughable, as I am sure the guy who told the author it does. I had 28 years of experience dealing with outlaw motorcycle gang members, including candid conversations with many of them while they were incarcerated in Federal prisons. One percenter means the member is deemed to be the worst of the worst, the 1% who openly defy societies rules and norms. And they are extremely proud of that status. And woe onto a guy who wears the patch without earning it. A true 1%er will teach him a lesson he will never forget.
The author seems to have stars in his eyes, buying into the myth of a 1%er as a noble knight riding his horse. He fails to even touch on the seedier side of outlaw motorcycle gangs. The dealing of drugs, the stolen merchandise, the abuse of women.
I would be willing to bet that there are true one percenter's out there reading the book and laughing their butts off at how naive the author is! It almost makes me wish I was still working, so I could share this with them and see their reaction.