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The Beginnings Of A Legend!

First Wilderness: My Quest in the Territory of Alaska - Sam Keith, Nick Jans

What a fantastic book! It will leave you hungering for your own Alaska adventure.
The author is best known for his book chronicling another Alaskan pioneer, Dick Proennecke (One Man's Wilderness).
In this book he writes about his own Alaskan obsession, his journey there to work at any job he could find, his hunting and fishing adventures, and the beginning of his friendship with Proennecke.
His descriptions of the Alaskan back country, the characters that he meets and works with, his own great relationship with his own family, and his inner feelings, will all leave you feeling that you are there with him!
A memoir of a time that is probably lost forever, and of the adventures we might have had if we had only had the courage to follow his lead.