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How Can This Be Happening In America?

A Teacher's Story: The Attempted Character Assassination of a Gifted Teacher - Eardine Reeves Lee

An incredible story of one teacher's experiences teaching elementary school. Raised in the south, while dealing with the racism of the area, the author works her way through college to become a teacher. Taking her first job in Ohio, she excels. Then her husband's job transfer takes her back to the south, where she finds that racism and sexism is still alive and thriving. My God, how can there be people who are still so ignorant and prejudiced in America today? It truly sickens me what the author went through. How, in today's world, can a school principal and his cronies go on an excursion to rank all of the teacher's looks on a scale of 1-10, and post the rankings on the classroom doors? Incredible.
The author, despite all she experiences, never gives up. She relies on her faith and strength of conviction to continue to teach.
There are so, so many great quotes in this book. I must have highlighted a hundred or more! But I won't ruin any readers experience by sharing them in this review. 
In the end, the author gives lists of advice for teachers, students, administrators, and parents. We would all be better people if we could each try to practice the ideas in our lives!